Embark on a Safer Road Trip With Our Tips

Look at the settings on your vehicle before taking a road trip. Adjust your mirrors so that you have a clear view of the sides and the rear of your vehicle while you're on the road. Make sure your seat is properly adjusted as well to allow for maximum comfort for long hours on the road.

Remove any boxes or other obstructions from the back of the vehicle so that you have a clear view out of the back glass. If you're in an accident, then these objects can hit you or your passengers. Jaguar Southampton can offer assistance in adjusting your mirrors if you're unsure of the proper angle.

While you're driving, your wrists should comfortably rest on the top of your steering wheel instead of being at an angle. This position will allow you to easily turn the wheel and operate all of the buttons, switches, and handles when you're driving. Your seat should be in a position so that you're not leaning forward and so that you can easily see over the hood of the vehicle.



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