Grinding or Whining When You Try to Start Your Car Isn't a Good Sign

You turn the key and the car won't start, and you're hearing odd noises coming from under the hood. Your starter may be starting to go bad.

The starter has a drive gear that engages the flywheel, which, in turn, starts turning the crankshaft in the engine. When the drive gear starts to wear down, it can have trouble engaging the flywheel. That's when you hear a grinding sound. You need to get the starter replaced son. However, if the gear is totally worn out, you might hear a whining sound. That's when you need to call a tow truck because the drive gear is spinning without moving the flywheel. It won't start.

If you start getting smoke out of the starter, don't try the ignition again. There's too much power going into the system. Get it towed to the service department here at Jaguar Southampton for immediate service.



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