The Jaguar XE: A Ride Filled With Style

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line luxury sedan, we at Jaguar Southampton invite you to sit in the Jaguar XE. When you take one for a spin, you'll be impressed at its handling and power, and you'll love how it feels to sit inside the cabin.

The leather used in the seats has been sourced from the finest suppliers in Italy and the UK. The seats have a natural, soft texture that's almost incomparable, and their twin-needle stitching adds interesting visual contrast. At 183.9" x 77.4", the XE can do a great job maneuvering around town while offering comfort for the driver and passengers. There's a full trunk, with 16.1 cubic feet of space, where extras can be stashed.

You can customize the look of your Jaguar so that it can match your tastes. Whether you want an all-black interior or prefer something lighter or more vivid, it's up to you.



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