Learn About the Exterior Features of the Jaguar XJ

When you are looking for a luxury sedan, you want to find something that not only impresses you but that will also impress all those who see it. You want to drive a vehicle that draws attention and you need to find one with a perfect exterior. Stop by our Jaguar sales location to learn more about the popular luxury sedan that is the Jaguar XJ.

The wheels of a vehicle are an important part of that vehicle's exterior. The way that the wheels are designed and the way that they look on the vehicle can change a person's opinion of the vehicle. The Jaguar XJ features special split-spoke wheels that add to its beauty.

The way that the windshield connects with a vehicle can affect the overall appearance of that vehicle, as well. The Jaguar XJ features a floating roofline because of the way that its windshield connects with the rest of the vehicle.



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