What Are Engine And Cabin Air Filters?

Cars have two kinds of air filters. The first is found within the engine and the second is located within the air conditioning and heating system. We at Jaguar Southampton have provided information to customers in Southampton on why these filters should be changed on a regular basis.

Cabin air filters remove particles such as dust, mold, and pollen from the air that is pumped into your vehicle through A/C vents. This kind of filter can be replaced every few months or whenever it is dirty. It is important to change cabin air filters because they ensure good air quality inside your car.

Engine air filters remove even more particles than cabin air filters. They will filter out dust, dirt, smog and other small debris that may be found in the air that travels to the engine. It is absolutely essential to replace dirty engine air filters. This is because debris can quickly accumulate in the engine and cause damage.



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