Get Android Auto Today

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and started to text on your phone? You can make life so much safer and easier with Android Auto. Unveiled in 2015, Android Auto was made by Google to help drivers stay focused while they’re on the roads. You don’t have to worry about texting, making phone calls, or trying to find the right music app while you’re driving anymore. This is because Android Auto connects directly to your vehicle. You can use voice-enabled commands to control everything in your smartphone.

There are a ton of Android traffic apps that are compatible with this software as well. You can use it for navigation or to search stuff using OK Google and Google Assistant. You no longer have to worry about looking away from the road to see what’s going on with your phone either. All of the information is displayed on your car’s screen. Want to check out the latest software? You can visit Jaguar Southampton to get more information.



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