Pure Pleasure is What the Jaguar F-TYPE Provides

Performance is a primary reason why our customers at Jaguar F-TYPE buy a Jaguar and the F-TYPE is no exception. It starts with a lightweight aluminum body, which is perfect for a luxury sports car as it's perfectly paired for with the F-TYPE's powerful engine choices and double wishbone suspension.

The ride you get is pure Jaguar. You'll enjoy superb driving dynamics as an electric powered-assisted steering system responds to every small turn of the wheel for precise handling. Intuitive all-wheel drive gives you unparalleled traction control as the system distributes torque to the front and rear axles as needed, allowing you to tackle any road condition.

The Jaguar F-Type also gives you a choice of four different braking systems that respond to your individual driving style. All these features combine to give you pure driving pleasure, which is what buying a new Jaguar sportscar is all about.

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