The Sports-Inspired Jaguar F-PACE

Inspired by some of Jaguar's iconic sports cars, the new F-PACE has a visually striking appearance that makes it a commanding presence on the road. This popular luxury performance SUV is available at Jaguar Southampton in Southampton, NY.

The body of the F-PACE is sleek and aerodynamic. It has an overall teardrop shape, which helps to redirect air up and over the vehicle as you drive. Subtle curves can be found throughout the front and sides. There are also more noticeable sculpted lines on the hood to reduce drag even further.

On the front of the SUV is a large and imposing grille. It's simple in shape. The honeycomb grille is surrounded by polished metal trim, helping to accent the SUV's hood. Below that, you'll notice three smaller air intakes. They provide more cooling power to the engine while also forcing wind around the wheels for better performance as you cruise down the highway.

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